Our Manicurists

Karla P.

Karla Power Manacurist

Call to Schedule:  972-542-1209

Karla enjoys talking with and catching up with her clients... some of whom have been visiting her for for as up to 34 years.

Kristie C.

Kristi Cole Manacurist

Call to Schedule:  972-542-1209

Vicki J.

Vicki Jones Manacurist

Call to Schedule:  972-542-1209

Vicki has been a nail tech at Staileys for 24 years. She grew up in this salon with her parents being the owners. Vicki took a different career as a nurse, which she still enjoys, but decided that she loved the salon environment. Vicki specializes in pedicures and fiberglass. She offers a wide variety of nail services at our salon. Vicki also enjoys her family and her grandchildren. In her free time, Vicki likes card making and scrapbooking.