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Stailey's Salon & Barber Shop - McKinney, Texas

For more than 40 years, Stailey's Beauty Salon and Barber Shop has been helping patrons look better, feel better, and enjoy life more. Whether this is your first visit or you've been coming to Stailey's for many years, you'll experience the same warm, down-home, friendly environment. Our 22 person staff strives to maintain our long tradition of professional service, courteous treatment, an individual attention. When you come into Stailey's -- it's the same comforting feeling you get when you arrive home from a long absence.

Our professional staff of hair stylists, barbers, and manicurists take pride in maintaining a safe, ultra clean environment for our patrons. All equipment is sterilized using a hospital grade autoclave and our all the products we use are approved by the Texas State Board of Cosmotology.

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Why not Contact Us today, or phone 972 542-1209, and see why men and women alike find Stailey's to be one of their favorite stops in McKinney. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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